Matthew Wood. Glampop Artist. Austria. Queer.
More is more. 

“Matthew Wood’s music is all about self expression and celebrating who we are. Finally there is good music that  speaks to people who have not been spoken to.”

- Akua Naru

Spectrum of a Sinner - the debut album by Hamburgs glam-pop wizard Matthew Wood is a hymn for all outsiders, freaks, weirdos, the misunderstood, extravag- ant, and colorful people around the world, from kings to queens and everything in between. The album dropped in 2018 and is available on all major online
music vendors.

Wood was raised in a small town in Austria. After studying Music at the Folkwang University of Arts in the industrial Ruhrgebiet and cultivating his own unique sound, drawi- ng inspiration from pop greats such as David Bowie, Prin- ce, N.E.R.D. and Scissor Sisters, he settled to Hamburg in 2019, where he produces his second album. „Spectrum of sinner“, Wood says, „was written for his f- teen year old self, who at the time felt he was just dif- ferent.” It was conceived as a refuge - a sanctuary that stands for love, respect, acceptance, and the right to let your true self bloom. 

With his „Spectrum of a sinner“- Show Matthew unleashes the power of music, live-vocals, dance, performance and live visuals into an dionysian rework.


Wood’s album is a radical alternative to the uniformity of the German music industry. It unites elements of funk, dance, and R&B, as well as in uences from romantic ballads, sound paintings, and sound design. Spanning 23 tracks, it offers a perfect soundtrack for every situation in life: from political anthems like “Curtains Will Fall” or “77 / Enough is Enough” to songs that make you want to dance through the moonlit city streets like “Naked” or “Puppet Master,” to ballads like “Breathe” or “Quit the Show” that deal with fear, death, and goodbyes - Spectrum of a Sinner is a colorful
pop kaleidoscope. 

Matthew will release his 3 Song EP "ENOUGHT IS ENOUGH" with two singles: „Wood“ and „Enough is Enough". For those two upcoming the musicvideos have been shot simultaneously and reinterpret the story of the stonewall riots.

„Wood“ celebrates the flamboyant lifestyle of the Woodfamily, celebrating themselves in hell. The infernal club becomes a devilish prison when police man storm into the club and maltreat and abuse Matthew and his family.


All songs and videos are produced by Matthew Wood and his Woodfamily. 

Naked - Yo Scheppert Remix - Out now 


The finest Dance Remix of Matthews Single "Naked" from Yo Scheppert is OUT NOW! Go check Spotify, Tidal, iTunes and follow Matthew to not miss out on all the new Releases. 

Matthew Wood - The new advertising face for
LBS Bank Germany


Matthew Wood is the new model for the main campaign for LBS Bank Germany. 

Matthew Wood LBS Bank
Matthew Wood @ Soulhafen Vl. 1


Matthew Wood as a special guest at the first Soulhafen

Matthew Wood @ Soulhafen
Matthew Wood - Hamburg Debut 


Matthew Wood - Spectrum of a Sinner Show - Hamburg Debut

@Freundlich und Kompetent

Matthew Wood by Michael Knöfler
Matthew Wood in "Musik um Uns" - Schoolbook


Matthew Wood is featured as an Example for "Self-marketing of musicians on the internet" in the music book for school. 25000 Student will now analyse and watch his music in their school :)

Musik um uns - Matthew Wood
Matthew Wood - V.i.P Guest @ Vienna Lifeball


Matthew Wood joined the wonderful Vienna Lifeball Family for the last Lifeball. What a wonderful and special evening. 

Thank you Miranda Konstantinidou for the costumized Suit and Jewelry. 

Matthew Wood @ Vienna Lifeball
Matthew Wood - Musikvideo - Out now 


The new Music video "Naked" is finally out there :)

Let's all get naked ;)

Matthew Wood - Naked
Naked Teaser - Out now


Here is the official Teaser for the music video of NAKED 

Link in de pic

Bildschirmfoto 2019-04-16 um
Matthew Wood Naked Lyricvideo Out Now 


The Musikvideo for NAKED is out now.

Thank you to Mark Wierzimok for the wonderful 3D Animation.

Bildschirmfoto 2019-04-14 um
Paradise Party by Matthew Wood


Matthew Wood will be hosting his first Party of his upcoming Party series, the "Paradise Party" at one of germanys most famous clubs the "Hotel Shanghai" in Essen. It's gonna be new and it's gonna be devilicious. You'd better be there. 

MW Paradise Party.png
Matthew Wood for Miranda Konstantinidou

Dezember 2018, Cebu (Philippines)

Matthew Wood officially modelling for the International Fashion and Jewellery Designer Miranda Konstantinidou. Moreover the two artist are going to join together to create a more intermedia Event this coming year... Stay tuned...

Bildschirmfoto 2019-01-20 um
Matthew live @ "RIMO" Fashion Show
@Delta Essen

Matthew Wood performing at the Rimo Fashion Show 2019 at Delta Essen. Rimo Fashion will also be featured in Matthews new music video "Naked". Coming soon. 

Obsolete Majesty - Vivie Ann

Matthew Wood produced the new Music video for the German singer songwriter Vivie Ann in Island, together with his production company

Check out the video soon...

Bildschirmfoto 2019-01-20 um
Interview Matthew Wood - Siegessäule Berlin Magazin

Matthew Woods Interview about Fashion, his musical idols, fashion and his style. Read the interview - click on the pic 

Bildschirmfoto 2019-01-26 um
Video Shoot for "Naked"

Oktober 2018, we shoot the music video for the song "naked" on ibiza in the wonderful "paradise hotel". It's gonna be pink and filthy. Coming this Spring...

Matthew Wood live - 2 Performances in Cebu, Philippines

Matthew Wood, performed two privat events in Cebu, Philippines.

Miranda Konstantinidou XMAS Party and the Zee Luxury Magazine New Years Party.