Matthew Wood. Glampop Artist. Austria. Queer.
More is more. 

“Matthew Wood’s music is all about self expression and celebrating who we are. Finally there is good music that  speaks to people who have not been spoken to.”

- Akua Naru

Spectrum of a Sinner - the debut album from glam-pop wizard Matthew Wood is a hymn for all the outsiders, freaks, weirdos, the misunderstood, misshapen, extra- vagant, and colorful people of the world, from kings to queens and everything in between. The album dropped on March 10th and is now available through all major online music vendors.

Wood was raised in a small town in Austria, but he re- located to the industrial Ruhrgebiet area of northwestern Germany in 2010. There he began cultivating his own unique sound, drawing inspiration from pop greats such as David Bowie, Prince, N.E.R.D. and Scissor Sisters. The album, Wood says, was written for his fteen year old self, who at the time felt he was “just different.” It was conceived as a refuge - a sanctuary that stands for love, respect, acceptance, and the right to let your true self bloom. 

Wood’s album is a radical alternative to the uniformity of the German music industry. It unites elements of funk, dance, and R&B, as well as influences from romantic ballads, sound painting, and sound design. Spanning 23 tracks, it offers a perfect soundtrack for every situation in life: from political anthems like “Curtains Will Fall” or “77 / Enough is Enough” to songs that make you want to dance through the moonlight city streets like “Naked” or “Puppet Master,” to ballads like “Breathe” or “Quit the Show” that deal with fear, death, and goodbyes - Spectrum of a Sinner is a colorful pop kaleidos- cope.

The lead single “OUT” was released with the album on 3/10: the sparkling track, with its infectious hooks and sick saxophone licks, makes a strong musical statement about love and respect. The music video for “Out” - which sports a large cast, including Anke Engelke as Granny Glorious has been added to the growing list of Matthew Wood’s extravagant music videos. 

The music video for "NAKED" will be released this spring.